Tube & fitting

Traditional tube and fitting scaffolding can be designed in a multitude of configurations, to adapt it to specific site requirements. This versatility also means it is possible to make your scaffolding compliant with Work at Height Regulations, including adding netting and brick guards to manage any falling objects.

Tube and fitting structures are also recommended when additional safety measures are needed, such as safety gates and adjustable transoms. Integrated staircases can also be adjusted to any height, further increasing safety and workflow benefits.


Designed for speed and stability, this versatile system uses just five standard components.

The design guarantees structural accuracy and integrity while assembly and dismantling times of up to 75% compared to tube and fitting can also be gained.

Our expert team have had extensive training specific to Layher, the possibilities this system offers is only restricted by ones imagination. we only use official Layher components and we are dedicated to ensuring the up most care is taken when erecting, modifying or dismantling.



one of the services we offer is the installation of temporary roofing  we use various types of temporary roofing one of which is UBIX® it's a modular all-aluminium temporary roofing and weather-proofing system using the slide sheet or "keder" principle which allows the roof covering to be installed in complete safety from underneath. UBIX® can be built safer and faster than many existing roofing systems.

We can also provide A temporary roof using C.I corrugated metal sheets. this is a cost effective and  robust method.
suited to many various applications.